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Do you have too much debt and no idea how to get rid of it? Fortunately, there's a fast, easy, effective way to say goodbye to debt!

The Snowball Effect is a debt-reducing strategy that gains momentum as you use it. Plus, one of the very best things about it is that you use no more money out of your pocket than you started with, even though you reduce your debts faster as you go!

Follow these steps to eliminate your debts and live the life you desire.

First, Analyze:

Fill in the appropriate boxes below to get a better understanding of your debt:

Next, Eliminate The Debt:

After filling in the table, look at your smallest balance. This is where the magic begins. Concentrate on paying this debt off first. Hold a garage sale, offer a product or service to others, or use a windfall to come up with the funds to start your snowball rolling:

Give Yourself a Prize

Reward yourself as each debt is paid off. The month after you pay off a loan, do something to treat yourself. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that you will enjoy.

As you pay off more and more of your debt, your prizes grow in value. This way, you're motivated to continue forward in pursuing your goal. Then the next month, continue down the mountain to debt elimination.

How quickly you become debt free depends on how committed you are to The Snowball Effect.

Don't distress! In time, you will reach your debt-free goal and live the good life you deserve!

This was a very effective tool for me less than a decade ago, I understand this may be easier said than done. Would you like help with this? Schedule a consultation or book a coaching session with me today!

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